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Our Latest visit: Liepaja, Latvia

Liepaja is a beautiful port city of Latvia, on the most western tip of the country.

Combining a blend of the cosmopolitan feel of a larger city with a slightly more relaxed vibe than the capital city Riga, Liepaja is a picturesque destination.

The city architecture blends the art nouveau architecture of Riga with grand port warehouse conversions, and ornate timber buildings you’d just as easily expect to see in the village of Koldiga.

An ornate wooden hour in Liepaja
Some of these old wooden houses have seen better days, but like Venice, they wouldn’t have quite the same rustic appeal if they were in perfect condition!

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The food and dining in the city is edgy and adventurous – whilst not as mature as the dining scene in the capital, we found the cuisine to be delicious and enthusiastic!

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Maccaroons in Cafe Boulangerie, Liepaja

The pictures above were taken in the popular french cafe “Boulangerie”. In the evening we visited “Antikvariats” for an exceptionally good evening meal:

Home 10
Authentic Escargot in restaurant Antikvariat, Liepaja
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Eceptionally unctious, rich roasted bone marrow dish, in Antikvariat, Liepaja

The accommodation, in one of the canalside warehouse conversions Promenade Hotel, was a superb blend of rustic and modern.

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We definitely recommend checking out Liepaja as a destination!

And no trip to Liepaja, the “windy city” would be complete without a walk on the windy beach!

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