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AWE Conference ’15: Knowing Your Why

Posted: September 13, 2015 at 10:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

There’s something good about browsing the Facebook newsfeed. It was actually through this that I get the chance to apply for the Asian Women Empowerment (AWE) Conference 2015 Scholarship. This annual gathering of empowered Asian women is founded by Juno Kim (yes, the inspiring blogger behind

The application process requires us to fill out an online form which includes a short essay on why we wanted to join AWE Conference and what it means to us. Personally, I’m drawn towards it because this year’s topics are within my areas of interests – traveling and entrepreneurship.

I have totally forgotten my application as I got so busy preparing for my first overseas trip. But a few days prior to my Thailand trip, I got an email from them, congratulating me for making it into the scholars’ list.The best thing is, I didn’t only win a ticket to the event but as well a cash amounting to 600,000 IDR.

If you really want something so bad, you’ll find ways to make it happen.

When I got back from Thailand, I was having hesitations in joining the conference. Because even if I won the event ticket and some money, I still need to pay for my own plane fare and hotel accommodation. I was getting anxious as the event draw nearer because not only the plane tickets are getting pricey, I also have to make a decision ASAP.

But I thought to myself: if today’s my last day, would I regret not going to the conference?

And the answer is HELL, YES!

So even if I’m quite broke from my Thailand trip, I booked the tickets (yes tickets!). It took me thousands of pesos to book the Davao-Manila, Manila-Jakarta, and Jakarta-Yogyakarta and back.

 AWE Conference 2015 is More Than Awesome

AWE Conference is a 3-day event that starts on Friday, September 11 and ends on Sunday, September 13. I arrived a few days prior to the event so I get the chance to go around Jogja with my amazing couchsurfing host (hello B!) 😉

At Sultan's Palace with my amazing CS host :)

At Sultan’s Palace with my amazing CS host 🙂

This is my first international conference so I didn’t really know what to expect. As an introvert, there are fears that I may not be able to make friends because I’m not really a fan of small talk. But surprise, surprise, I met my first friend from the conference at the hotel lobby even before it started.

Some of the wonderful women in the conference :)

Some of the wonderful women in the conference 🙂
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True to what is written in their website, this is indeed a must-attend conference if you want to meet like-minded people oozing with positive energy 🙂 Even if we, the participants, are from different countries, the conference made us feel like we’re one family. The support we get from each one is more than awesome. It’s like having a big cheerleading family.


This is how fun the conference is!
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Finding Your Why

We have different speakers each day covering topics from passion to money management. While I love everything that’s been covered in the event, what really made an impact on me is the talk of Dr. Siva on creating an empowered life.

Earlier this year, I was struggling finding my ‘thing.’ It’s weird because I’m doing what I love most yet it seems that there’s something lacking. The worse thing is, I couldn’t figure out what it is. So I decided to take a long break from traveling.

Dr. Siva’s talk had somehow led me to clarity. He talked about finding our why. According to him, there’s a reason why we do certain things.

So while still in the conference, I was starting to figure out why I’m traveling, writing, and even keeping this blog. I realized that I do what I do because I wanted to live life on my own terms and bring value to other people. After all, we don’t exist on our own; satisfaction happens when we use our strengths to make this place a better place. And I wanted to contribute to that.

AWE Conference 2015 was a great learning opportunity.
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The conference led me to set a goal bigger than myself and I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity 🙂

Interested in attending AWE Conference 2016? Then don’t forget to constantly check out their official website here.