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Awe And Disappointment At Vigan’s Heritage Village

Posted: April 9, 2012 at 10:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

I’ll be honest with you. One of the main reasons why I wanted to head North is because I really wanted to visit the heritage village in Vigan.

Vigan is the last leg of our Ilocos trip. Before heading to the heritage village, we first went to Grandpa’s Inn (stopover for lunch), Syquia Mansion, and Bantay Church and Bell Tower. It was already late in the afternoon when we went to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Vigan at Night

Vigan at night

Many people say that Vigan, particularly this part of Calle Crisologo, offers a more romantic vibe at night. And true enough, it does.

Vigan Calle Crisologo














Despite the museum/history overload and exhaustion that day, the heritage village has still filled me with awe. Other than nature and adrenaline-rushing activities, one of the things that would really make my heart leap is the sight of these old structures (I’m probably an old woman trapped in this 20-something body).

The Disappointment 🙁
One thing I’ve learned from this experience is to NEVER, EVER set expectations. Prior to this trip, I have this really huge expectation on the heritage village. I thought I would be seeing more of the old structures than souvenir shops but I was wrong.
Souvenir Shops Heritage Village


Souvenir shops are everywhere! It could have been better or people could have a better feel of the heritage site if the local government has designated areas for these shops. I appreciate people making a living out of their own local products but I just felt overwhelmed with the presence of too many shops in the place.















This is my first time in Vigan so I really don’t have an idea what it looks like a few years ago. I just hope that there will be less of souvenir shops and more of structures showcasing our history.
Have you been to Vigan’s heritage village? How did you find the place? Feel free to share your thoughts below!