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Going Loco Over Paoay Sand Dunes

Posted: April 7, 2012 at 8:40 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

I’m a self-confessed adrenaline junkie. Thus, when our plan for Ilocos is finalized, Grace, my adventure buddy, and I decided of trying the 4×4 adventure and sand boarding at the famous Paoay sand dunes.

A month before our scheduled flight, we temporarily deferred this plan because of financial constraints. This is during the time when we found out that 3 of our travel companions are having second thoughts on this trip. But then, Grace and I thought that there’s no assurance that there will be ‘next time’ so why not just do it in this trip?

Ilocos Sand Dunes

We didn’t regret doing it (our facial expressions can speak for it)!

Because we have a scheduled tour later that day, our host suggested to have the sand dunes adventure at around 5:30 am. Though tired from the previous day’s activities we still managed to wake up at 5 am (maybe because we’re excited?). 😀

It took us several minutes to reach our destination. When we got there, Glenn’s friend (who owns the vehicle), was already waiting for us.
Waking up early for this? Definitely worth it.

Waking up early for this? Definitely worth it.

The 4×4 vehicle can be rented for P2,500 inclusive of the sand boarding equipment.
Since Judge decided to join us on this trip, we paid P834/each for this.
Sand Dunes in Paoay
It was my our first time and personally, I feel anxious (or maybe excited).
The 4x4 adventure is a must-try in Ilocos!

The 4×4 adventure is a must-try in Ilocos!

The 4×4 sand dunes experience is one of the coolest things I’ve tried in Ilocos. At first, it was just this smooth-sailing, up-down ride but during the latter part, the driver surprised us with that roller-coaster kind of experience. For the first time, I was shouting like it’s the end of my life and felt like my soul left my body for a few seconds.
Sand Dunes Luzon
Right after that one crazy ride, we then went into this one part of the place for sand boarding. This part was really fun and I bet, one of the best workouts you could ever have (multiply the effort of climbing up the stairs by 3-4x and you get what I mean).
You can try it in different ways:
Doing it like you're surfing

Doing it like you’re surfing

I don't recommend this style..

Don’t do this unless you’re ready..

..for this!

..for this!

The pictures are not enough to tell you how much we enjoyed and loved this whole Paoay sand dunes experience. Trust me, it’s worth your time, money, effort, and yeah, that extra shrill of excitement.
Our host by the way is Mr. Glenn Tolentino. You can find his contact details here.